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Bloc Mirror is a bold table piece that encourage introspection and promote self-care. Crafted from a single block of marble, its base features a storage hole, making it an ideal holder for makeup items or office essentials. 


The choice of using a single block of marble for the base highlights the beauty of simplicity and showcases the strength of natural materials.


On the back of the base, the mirror features a thumb screw that serves  for assembling the mirror. its bold appearance is a statement of how design can seamlessly blend aesthetic and convenience.


Bloc Mirror  in Calacatta base and anodized aluminium structure


detail of the thumb screw

<<The thumb screw is an intentional design element that serves a practical purpose while also adding a bold aesthetic statement to the mirror's overall look. By not concealing the thumb screw, we aimed to showcase how functional elements can also contribute to the beauty of a design piece>>


<<The mirror emphasis on self-care and introspection makes it the perfect addition to any space. Its focus on reflection encourages to take a moment for self, inviting a deeper connection with innermost thoughts and emotions>>

process behind



MARBLE / main body, METAL / mirror frame. 


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